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We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of ham, funeral potatoes, salad with asparagus and strawberries; rolls, and other delicious items.  Breaking with tradition, this year’s Christmas Eve dinner was followed by Metformin for me.  After dinner, we read the Christmas story from the Bible, watched a short film depicting the events in Luke 2, read a new Christmas book, and headed off to bed.  That’s when the fun began.   In sum:  Worst Christmas Ever.  Pros:  Family, friends, gifts, good music, good food.  Cons:  Visiting the loo every 15 minutes, constant nausea, wanting to curl up in bed and not wake up for days.

Missing Nathan gives Jamie nightmares about Dan, who is indeed paroled. Lucas and Lindsay decide to 'coincidentally' have separate stag and hen nights at the same place, so Nathan and Haley are bound to meet. Brooke arranges a hot blind date for Peyton, but the joke is on her as Owen's chosen mate is Chase, Brooke's former 'clean teen' lover. Jamie's tireless efforts to get his mom and dad to make up In turn make Haley realize she shouldn't have tried to change Nathan. Ruthless business adviser and absent mother Victoria pushes Rachel out, to Brooke's disgust. Written by KGF Vissers

Side By Side - You're Only Young Once...Side By Side - You're Only Young Once...Side By Side - You're Only Young Once...Side By Side - You're Only Young Once...